Read what people have to say about The Candala Project

"This retreat was literally awe-inspiring – a day of magnificence and beauty which enabled me to fully and completely dive into that sense of Grace which is within and to feel and sense it all around me."

Hilary Franklin – Devizes

OneSpirit Interfaith Minister
Candala of Grace Retreat, January 2019

"Lizzie Davies is a rare and highly talented person who combines a unique blend of high art, deep heart, and humour in her work.... The Candala Project takes the participant on a deepening journey as one experiences the multi-layered impact of exquisite beauty, soul values, creative input and spiritual practice. On whichever level one engages, you cannot help but be inspired and moved by Lizzie’s tender touch and I am sure that this project is the one which will lift her work onto the global stage with the resulting acclaim that she truly deserves."

Dr. Rosy Daniel

Integrated Medicine consultant

"I commend without reservation The Candala Project and its promotion of ‘Illuminating Values’. It seems to be a practical and sensible way to create harmonious relationships in a variety of ways - for individuals, groups, organizations and within the community. It allows the spirit to flow freely and focuses the mind on the virtues and beauty which are acceptable in all religions and cultures."

The late Richard Carr-Gomm OBE

Founder Abbeyfield Society

"The Candala Project is an amazing beacon of creativity, light and hope in the world."

Steve Nobel

Author, Book Mentor, Coach
former Director of Alternatives

Read what Bishop Graham had to say about our 'Vigil of Healing for Grenfell'.

"This is a wonderfully creative way to remember and pray for the Grenfell Tower community, and I hope many will join in prayer and remembrance for this tragic event in our nation's life".

The Rt. Revd. Dr. Graham Tomlin

Bishop of Kensington

Read what people had to say about The 2009 Bath Peace Ceremony at The Kingston Room, The Roman Baths on The International Day of Peace

Front Row L to R: Loraine Morgan-Brinkhurst, Cllr. Sarah Bevan, Lizzie Davies,
Jane Peters, Mei ling Furse. Back Row: Cllr. Andrew Furse, Major Rikki Peters

Extract from Candala Speech

“It is only on rare occasions that one person’s vision can affect and fire the hearts of so many. Today is one of those occasions. Lizzie Davies has given birth to a powerful and far reaching vision of peace which must surely resonate not only with those of us here today, but whose ripples will spread outwards beyond this city, beyond this country, beyond this continent”

Councillor Sarah Bevan

Vice Chairman Bath & North East Somerset

“Visionary project for us to reflect on peace for all”

Councillor Andrew Furse

Deputy Mayor of Bath

“Thank you for carrying on the bearing of the torch of light and peace and reconciliation”.

Shelagh and John James

“Wonderful to participate”

Major Rikki Peters

Chairman Somerset County Royal British Legion

“A lovely service, never knew peace could be so calming and now I have found it”

Kirsty Williams

“A beautiful way of propagating such an important message”

Charles Cattells

'You have planted a magical seed which will inspire and grow. Many bright blessings for this peace movement'

Jan Errington

Shape Housing

Read these responses to the Candala of Peace and the first Candala of Reconciliation workshop in 2001

"Lizzie has amazing vision and a wonderful heart...The Olympic movement has an ethos of peace and unity and as co-founder of an Olympic Arts Project with the GB Olympic artist, I realised there is synergy with The Candala Project. I am delighted that Lizzie has agreed to exhibit her Candala of Peace canvas at our summer 2008 exhibitions in Bath and London."

Loraine Morgan-Brinkhurst MBE

Mayor of Bath + Chairman of Bath & North East Somerset Council 2006

“I believe this 'teaching' has the potential to change the world going beyond religious, national and cultural barriers to bring real peace on earth. On a personal level, it has opened the doorway for me to see how my own bitterness can be transformed into sweetness”


Participant at the Candala of Reconciliation workshop for the Creative Health Network, Bath.